Show Your Essence

Your space should show your style, not your designer's. I'll help you create a unique space that reflects your essence. Genuine and organic, it will feel naturally comfortable, not "designed." So you can inhabit it completely, as if I were never there.

“Nan represents the best of what interior decorators have to offer.” - Harriet G.

Reflecting Your Style

Whatever your style, wherever your space, Nan Wheeler Interiors is all about creating a reflection of your "essence." You'll love your new space, and feel inspired.

Start Small

Even a simple change like new wall colors or different window treatments can make a big difference. So don't be afraid to start small. Make a simple change, live with it for a time, and see how it feels. Then add more design elements to your freshened palette.

Go Ahead, Dream …

Nan Wheeler Interiors will take your ideas, your passions, and your lifestyle and turn them into a space where they are beautifully expressed.

Complete Design Services

We provide every design-related service you need. From selecting furniture to choosing the best paint color, we bring you all the resources you require to create spaces you'll truly enjoy. The end result: perfectly beautiful!
Efficient Design Projects

We make it comfortable, easy, and fun to bring fresh design ideas to your home or office spaces. From designing a floorplan to selecting materials in the comfort of your own home, our design process is at once peaceful and inspiring.