Our Design Process

Defining Your Style to Guide the Interior Designmagazines interior design inspiration interior decorating ideas

Understanding your style is my first goal, as it inspires every other step in the design process. Tell me your story, and I translate it in a physical space that tells that story to all who enter your space. It’s not about looking “designed” in the end; it’s about looking like an expression of your true self.

“The magic about Nan is she quickly figures out what I like, what fits our space, and especially, how to create the perfect combinations of color, texture, and proportion, all with style…” – Bonny J.

Finding Your Muse

I encourage clients to begin with collecting pictures of spaces and pieces that appeal to them most. This can be from magazines, books, or online websites. Then I’ll review your collection one item at a time, and ask just the right questions to reveal common themes that express your desired style. Layered on top of that process, we’ll address your lifestyle and how it further guides selections of fabrics, materials, and even wall coverings. The end result is a design brief that helps us work closely together in creating spaces you will absolutely love and feel comfortable in.

interior design process color wheel paintCreating Dream Spaces

Whatever you envision for your space, my most important contribution is in translating your ideals into just the perfect physical environment. So whether you need a more peaceful space in which to find a haven, or a design to suit the lively pace of your household or office, I’ll help you get there. Together we will create the look, feel, and function you dreamt was possible.
Efficient Design Projects

We make it comfortable, easy, and fun to bring fresh design ideas to your home or office spaces. From designing a floorplan to selecting materials in the comfort of your own home, our design process is at once peaceful and inspiring.