Timing & Design Fees

Project Timing

Clients always want to know how long it will be from start to finish, as creating a new interior design is something to really look forward to! It can be hard to estimate, given that it’s a creative process and multiple opinions and approvals are sometimes needed. I do try to give clients an initial estimate that takes into account any contracting required, custom furniture design or upholstering, expected delivery timeframes, etc.

Design Fees

I charge in half-hour increments for consulting time, product searches, floor plan development, and travel time to sites beyond a 20 mile radius from my home office. Design fees are $100/hour, and statements are sent to you following each consultation. I always strive to keep clients apprised of their project’s status and any fees incurred.
Efficient Design Projects

We make it comfortable, easy, and fun to bring fresh design ideas to your home or office spaces. From designing a floorplan to selecting materials in the comfort of your own home, our design process is at once peaceful and inspiring.